About Contemporary Furniture


Contemporary furniture, while influenced by many styles, is highly impacted by the simplicity and focus on form and function of modern design.  In the 20th century, trends in design gradually moved from ornate designs to more modern, sleek styles.  Decorative flourishes such as intricate carvings and ruffles were phased out and designs became simpler. 


In the last few decades, contemporary furniture has become an important design style.  Known for its relaxed elegance, contemporary furniture is considered a style to be lived in and enjoyed.  Modern, yet comfortable.  Contemporary furniture influences and shapes its environment, while simultaneously complementing the space.


You can easily add substance to your space through the use of beautiful contemporary furniture and lighting, such as modern pendant lighting, modern floor lamps, and modern home furniture.


A few reasons to embrace contemporary furniture…


* Contemporary furniture’s understated style blends easily with other styles of furniture.  Think of the beauty of mixing modern furniture with antiques.  Nearly any style of chair, artwork or accessory is embellished with a livable sofa as a backdrop.  


* Contemporary furniture is often neutral in color, making it work well with high impact furniture and lighting. 


* Contemporary furniture is innovative in its use of materials – think glass, steel and chrome, in addition to wood. 


* Contemporary furniture and lighting stands the test of time and make excellent investment pieces.  They are nearly timeless in their appeal and are endlessly versatile.


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