Nuance Wine Finer

Nuance Wine Finer



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The Nuance Wine Finer is the ultimate decanting experience and a must have 4-in-1 wine accessory.  It works as a pourer and stopper, and most importantly it aerates the wine and strains out any sediment while it pours. It is the perfect solution for the wine lover who refuses to compromise on taste and who needs to serve wine elegantly and without delay.

        Nuance Wine Finer is a meeting of fine tradition and modern methods.  As any wine lover knows, fine wines need and deserve to be handled with care and respect.  However, traditional decantation is not something that fits in with a busy, modern lifestyle.  We expect quality and enjoyment but decanting a good bottle of red wine slowly and carefully is something we often choose to skip thus denying ourselves an even better wine experience.  That is why we have introduced the Nuance Wine Finer.  Nuance Wine Finer aerates the wine and removes sediment just as efficiently as a traditional decantation but requires no time-consuming preparations - it all happens as you pour the wine into the glass.

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